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Management of Adonko meets retailers and beer bar operators

The bloodline of the Adonko Bitters brand remain the operators of drinking spots where the ultimate alcoholic herbal beverage is consumed daily. It therefore came as no surprise when the management of the company decided to meet and interact with retailers and beer bar  operators.

The heavily-patronised event afforded management the opportunity to express their profound gratitude to these operators for the continual support even during the ban of the beverage on the market. The operators reassured management of their unflinching support for the Adonko brand and willingness to contribute to its growth and expansion. They could not hide their gratitude as they shared testimonies of the opportunities they have enjoyed in selling Adonko Bitters.

Patrons of the event were seen dancing to the tunes of the infamous Adonko song with Dr. kwaku Oteng,  the CEO of the company. There was enough refreshment and souvenirs for all who attended the event at Apatakesiease at the Kumasi Cultural centre on Sunday 26th June, 2017.

Management appealed to the operators to desist from selling empty bottles of Adonko bitters to agents who engage in producing fake versions of the bitters.  Thus,  the operations manager of the company,  Mr. Mensah Nyarkoh aka Mr. Quality,  demonstrated to patrons how to spot fake packaging as well as the legal implications of patronising such fake products.

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