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authentic herbal bitters


Discover the true African Herbal Bitters. We are a household name in authentic herbal bitters.

our carefully selected brands

The Master Mixologist, Agya Adonko, prepares the finest herbal alcoholic beverage you have come to know as Adonko Bitters. Agya Adonko blends eleven different types of herbs carefully handpicked from deep within many of Ghana’s virgin rainforests.

adonko bitters

Adonko Bitters

Carefully selected herbs from the rainforest of Africa and blended by the great Agya Adonko himself 

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Adonko Atadwe Ginger

Ginger and Atadwe (Yellow Nutsedge) that fell in love and gave birth to this soothing wonderful beverage for your relaxation.

adonko 123 ghana adonko bitters

Adonko 123

 Count 123 and sooth yourself with this epic beverage made with ginger (Zingiber Officinale) and some secret herbs to give you that boost.