Adonko Atadwe Ginger Spirit Drink Is ‘Most Wanted’ Drink On The Ghanaian Market

Adonko Atadwe Ginger Spirit drink is currently one of the most sought after drinks on the Ghanaian market Which Traditionally Brewed and Blended. 

This is due to its undeniably unique taste and components.

Marketed and distributed by The Angel Group of companies, manufacturers of Adonko Bitters,  Adonko Atadwe Ginger spirit drink is highly recommended for ladies with mensural cramps and disorders and it enhances sexual abilities because of it rich combined taste of ginger and tiger nuts, making it one of the most preferred alcoholic drinks for persons who are 18 years and above.

 It is important to note that this unique drink is sourced from protected Herbal Products and exceptionally treated with High Tech Purification System. Indeed the process right from extraction to packaging to distribution is outstanding.

It aims and meets the highest international quality standards giving every drop of Adonko Atadwe Ginger Spirit Drink its natural taste of Atadwe and Ginger, and appeal with strict adherence to quality control and safety method, Adonko Atadwe Ginger Spirit Drink is regulated under standards set by both the Food and Drugs Authority (FAD) and Ghana Standards Authority (GSA).

It is important to note that this unique drink, which has been approved by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), is not recommended for pregnant women and lactating mothers.