Angel Group CEO Wins Award

Fifty-year-old Dr Kwaku Oteng, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Angel Group of Companies, has received three awards from Kumasi-based CENBA Graduate Institute.

The institute trains businessmen, entrepreneurs and companies to enhance their operations through knowledge value addition.

It has also instituted an award scheme as a way of motivating individuals and companies to excel. The Angel Group of Companies which encompasses a number of companies was recognised as the fastest growing alcoholic beverage producer, with its product Adonko Bitters doing very well on the market. The Angel Broadcasting Services Company, also under the umbrella of the group, was honoured for its outstanding performance.

The CEO of CENBA Business Excellence initiative, Stephen Fosuh, told the press at the venue of the programme, Golden Beam Hotel, Kumasi, said the Angel Group of Companies deserves the three awards.

In his response and acceptance speech, the recipient of the awards encouraged Ghanaian youth to venture into business, adding that university education is not the only means of achieving success in life.